Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

To begin with on Wednesdays there are no classes so it is always a nice relaxing break in the middle of the week, and that is always fabulous. Secondly, I was in a three legged charity race.

You paid 50 kroner to enter the race ($10) and all proceeds went to a charity called B├śRNEfonden which all profits go to children who are in poor living conditions. The money helps provide homes, food, and education.

The race began at Kennedy's Bar and it was an Irish Pub. Here you pledged your 50 kr and they gave you a map along with the first drink. From here you went to the Shamrock Inn and you were tied together with your came the fun part. You were duck tapped together around your ankles in the very very back corner of the bar. Then you had to side step (still attached to each other) around the other 600 people there to get out of the place so you could line was rough.

Our duck tape broke before we got to stop number three and in order to not be disqualified you had to find a solution and fix it as soon as possible. We used my scarf =] Other than that we didn't have any troubles. We met quite a few new people, funny thing is...we didn't really meet any Danes...

It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it soo much; needless to say it was a nice break from just constantly doing school work!

Waiting in line at the Shamrock Inn for it to begin


Phillip and Henrick...

A man playing the bagpipes at stop #7

Finished! (I couldn't drink that beer...I ended up leaving it somewhere)

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