Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm On A Boat!

It is currently Wednesday night and last night my group travelled from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden by cruise.

We got on the boat at 4:45pm and we didn't dock until 10am this morning. It was an absolute blast and it was deffinately one of the best nights I've had during my time over here so far!

Dinner began at 5:30 and it was all you can eat buffet and we all basically died and went to heaven. We ate so much and the boat set sail at 6. It was a rough start and it was difficult to walk because we were rocking so hard...not a good start, right? After a little bit the boat evened out but since there was so much ice over the Baltic Sea, every now and again it got rough.

After dinner we walked around and went into all of the stores and went and saw were all of the clubs and bars were so that way we could decide where we wanted to go and also because we were just excited to be there.

Our cabins were super tiny and in no time it looked trashed because of all of the stuff we had spread everywhere.

Basically the rest of the night we hung out and danced the night away...and quite a few people were smashed so bad that they don't remember being on the was basically one of those nights, that you just had to be there.

Owen (one of the three guys on the trip) kept making friends and introducing them to all of the girls and kept telling them that Americans are fascinated by Estonian men, he is one of those who doesn't remember most of the night.

Anyways...there is a taste of last night but I'm not going to spend time describing in detail about the night and the boat because I am now in Sweden and that doesn't mean sitting around on the internet all night :)

two of my three roommates
all you can eat buffet dinner
one of the bars
smile at the ceiling :)
ice on the right side of the boat
ice on the left side of the boat
the boat!

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