Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Party and FCK

So on Saturday night I went to my first Danish birthday party at my "aunt" Lillian's house. It was her birthday and all of my "cousins, aunts, and uncles" came over. We had a huge three course meal that was absolutely delicious. We started off with a salad, then we had some sort of meet that was barbecued...I believe it was pork...but I could be completely wrong about that and more salad and new potatoes (which we eat a few times a week), and then we had dessert! For dessert we had chocolate cake, ice cream, and bread and butter pudding...yes bread and butter pudding...odd and fairly decent but its not something I would ever make to eat for myself.

After the meal my "cousins" and I went upstairs to Michael's room and talked and watched American Idol...yes American Idol on the Danish tv...pretty interesting. It was pretty neat to watch but it was wayyy behind because it was the episode after the man sang "pants on the ground."

The night lasted for about 6 hours, which seems incredibly long but it by fairly quickly and was a lot of fun. I was able to meet several new people and meet those that my host family holds close to their own hearts!

On Sunday night I went to a soccer game! It was FCK (F.C.KĂžbenhaven) against Brondby. I had soo much fun and it really was exciting...because the fans in Denmark are quite violent when it comes to defending and cheering on their favorite team. I was a "FCK fan" for the night and the opposing team were lighting flares and sparklers in the stands and a few of them ended up on the field so they had to pause the game to remove them. There was singing and chanting and it was just crazy! FCK won the game and the final score was FCK:1 Brondby:0....the only goal scored was scored after an hour of play was intense.

Here are some pictures and a video that is the theme song of FCK and was sung repeatedly throughout the game...I have a video of the fans doing this but it will not let me upload it :(

FCK's mascot--the lion

FCK Fans

Another stunt the FCK fans did

Brondby's fans mad that we scored..please
notice the flare on the field

We scored after 72 minutes of game time!

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