Thursday, March 11, 2010

McDonalds & Twilight

Last night was the Climate Seminar and Ashley and I had decided that we would go. It was based off of how to live a sustainable life and what can a city do to be sustainable; it was also free food and wine.

Well before the seminar I had a group meeting for a project in one of classes and I had an hour and a half to kill before Ashley came to the city and the seminar began. I was starving and I was out of kroner (the danish money) so I had to go to somewhere that I knew would take my debit card...the only place I could think of was McDonalds.

So I go in and tada the menu is in English!! Sad news is that there is no dollar menu...there is the equivalent of a two dollar menu but there is like one thing on it; apples. So I order a cheese burger and a milkshake and its 47.50 kr or about nine dollars :( and nothing really taste the same...but whatever I'm now full.

After I left McDonalds I started to walk back towards DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) because that's where I'm supposed to meet Ashley at. On my way I see a bookstore and I decided to stop by because I am running low on reading materials for the train and I wanted to see what their English selection looked like.

May I begin with the fact that this is a smaller bookstore so I did not have high hopes for finding anything worth getting. I walk in and there is a nice little sign that say English Books and wander that way. Once I get over there I realize that there are very few books and they are all Twilight, mind you that at the front of the store they had a huge display of these books in the Danish form.

Well that's all I've got...

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