Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Farm :)

On Monday the family and I went to a farm because a bunch of lambs were just born! They were precious :)

We saw quite a few new born lambs, a calf, baby goats, and some ponies...too cute. They all had to be inside for two weeks and then they are allowed to go outside and roam free on the grass; however, that was not good enough for one of the little goats. He was adorable! He was completely white on half of his body, and the other half was black. He had managed to squeeze through the holes in the fence and was playing with a trash can that was used to hold the food; although he was determined, he did not succeed in getting into the food.

Of course the adventure couldn't just end with playing with little, tiny baby farm animals...oh no we ate lamb for dinner :)

This is the goat I was talking about

He was really shy :)

Which one doesn't belong??

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