Sunday, February 28, 2010


So yesterday afternoon I set off with the family for a camping excursion in Sweden. I was really excited but at the same time I must admit that I was also nervous.

I wasn't really sure about everything that was going to happen, except that my family as well as three other families were going to join each other on a camping trip in Sweden and that Neil had referred to the place we were going to stay at a cabin and also as a hut.

So we set off yesterday around three o'clock. Mathilde left much earlier because she rode with one of the other families because not everyone would fit into our car, which means it was Neil, Ingeborg, Magnus, Singe and myself in our car. It was a three hour drive which wasn't a big deal but for the drive itself Magnus made coffee and tea and put them into thermoses in case we felt the need to have some on the drive. (haha)

So after we cross the boarder into Sweden this man is honking and pointing to the back of our car and so Neil pulls over into the rest area to see whats wrong and we notice that one of our tires could use a little air and makes the executive decision to get air when we stop to get some chocolate :)

About 20 minutes after putting air in the tire we here an explosion (yes, an explosion that came from our car) so we pull over. Since I am sitting closest to the highway I am the last one to get out of the car and before I get out I ask "what happened?" and the response I got was "we have a flat tire."

Now I feel that before I can continue I should explain what "we have a flat tire" actually means because when I got out of the car the entire passenger side back tire was GONE. COMPLETELY GONE. Our tire exploded and there was nothing left of it...even the hub cap blew off.

So luckily we do have a replacement tire but it is underneath the massive amount of stuff we have brought for this camping trip that we have embarked on, so this means that everything in the back of the car must be removed and placed on the side of the highway.

The only other interesting part about our "flat tire" was the fact that half way through Neil teaching Magnus how to change a tire was Magnus got thirsty and breaks out the thermos and drinks a cup of tea as he changes the tire.

So we finish driving to the said "hut" and when we pull up I think I died a little...because you see this "hut" was a mansion that had 33 beds, 7 bathrooms, a sauna, pool table, and fooze ball table...hut??

Basically I had an amazing camping trip. We laid around, ate good food, watched movies, played games, and the younger ones made an igloo....a huge igloo because of the massive amounts of snow everywhere.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay the whole weekend because Signe and I had to catch a train home tonight because tomorrow morning I leave for my long study tour to Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden!

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