Friday, February 26, 2010

Crazy Danish School Care

So last week I meant to write about my first "long" practicum because the first time I wrote about my experience I was only there to see the place for about an hour; but now I have gone three days, and oh the adventures I have had!

So the first "long" day I had there was different...but not completely crazy. When I got there I played with the kids and did things such as dance to music, do puzzles, look at picture books etc. Then one of the girls came up to me and was like "so me a few of the other interns have decided that we don't feel like sitting here anymore so we are taking some of the kids into town, would you like to join us?"

To begin with, where I'm from you can't just peace out of the school with someone else's kid without a ton of permission and release just doesn't happen. So I go and there are three interns (excluding me) and six little girls. We go into the city (Copenhagen) and take a walk. We go to the Botanic Gardens and we just let the kids run free. We eat lunch there (which the kids all bring their own lunches and they were in their book-bags that they were wearing) and then we wander back to the school. So not bad...I mean it was different, especially taking the kids on the train...just not my normal.

The next day I go and I am more mentally prepared. Before I came they told me that we were taking some kids to the movies no big deal. There are 7 adults and 14 kids and we go to a place and watch some Danish cartoons and eat our lunches and head back. It was basically an all day ordeal but I was prepared so nothing shocked me.

The third day however blew my mind. I know we are going on a field trip, just not the full extent about what is about to go down. So when I get there all 60 children that attend this facility are lined up outside...(scary right??) We start walking and I'm monitoring about 8 children (thank God I'm used to that with the kids in my family) and we get near the train station and it's no big deal because we took the train to got to the movies. Well then we pass the train station...and I'm wondering "maybe we'll take the bus??"


After an 1 1/2 hours of walking with these 60 children we finally reach our destination. A puppet show. All of the children take off the five layers of snow gear they have on and go sit down to wait for the show to begin. This puppet show that we have walked 60 children trough the snow down pretty busy streets last for approximately 15 minutes. Ya know what happened next? The children redressed and we walked back...holy crap.

I wasn't mentally prepared for that.

At all.

The End.

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