Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paid Off!

Remember how I got a ticket for being in the wrong zone on the Metro??

Well Neil and Ingeborg wrote the Metro and they have decided that since the man was incredibly rude to me for no reason at all they dropped the fine down to only 100kr which is only $20!! I was stoked that I didn't have to pay hardly anthing at all.

Well then today I gave Ingeborg the 100kr because she said that she could take care of it from the house...she refused to take my money because her and Neil wanted to pay the fine for me.

I wasn't sure how to react because I am obviously ecstatic that I don't have to pay 100kr for a mistake but at the same time I felt bad that they were going to pay for it because they felt bad for me. Neil was funny though, because when they told me he suggested that since I had taken out the 100kr I should go to the store and by booze to celebrate and to have when they leave for their trip to London!

Basically I have the best host family anyone could ever ask for!

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