Saturday, February 20, 2010

London Bridges

Right now it is Saturday night and I am waiting for my family to come home from London. They left bright and early Wednesday morning and I haven't seen them since Tuesday morning.

While they were gone (mind you they know about this so I'm not hiding anything) Ashley basically moved in. She came over on Wednesday after her field study and just left a few hours ago. She's having even more problems lately with her couple so hopefully this week gave them time to patch everything up.

While she was here we ate massive amounts of food and when I say massive here is the list to prove it...this does not however include lunch or any snacks during the day...just breakfast and after we got home from school each day:
  • 2 pizzas
  • 4 bagels
  • 1 container of cream cheese
  • 2 packages of pretzels
  • 2 liters of yogurt
  • bag of grapes
  • bucket of jelly
  • 3 bags of pasta
  • 2 jars of pasta sauce
  • 1 pot of meat sauce that Ingeborg made before she left
  • 1 chocolate cake
  • 1 loaf of white bread

I will however add that Friday night Becky and Caitlin came over and did help us eat some of it...but not much of it.

We also spent our week being very productive. We trained for the military by going through boot camp, combat training, and assault training. We learned how to work in a spa by properly giving massages, waxes, and filing nails. We ran, jumped hurdles, played frisbee, fished, played with a cat, and became DJs. If you are wondering how in the world we accomplised this the answer is quite simple. We found a Playstation 2 video game called the eye toy and it's bascially the pre-wii. This game was played so much that we are all very sore and we need so much space that we had to move the furniture in the living room to make room.

Friday was awesome as well. We were supposed to make mac-n-cheese but cheese is extremly expensive so we made spaghetti and a cake (from a box that the directions were in Danish). We forgot that we had to make the cake early so we could actually eat it so at midnight after the cake was finished baking, we put it outside in the snow to took about 10 minutes.

When everyone left today Becky's family invited me over for dinner so that I wouldn't have to make dinner for just me. It was very nice because I hadn't really spent much time at her house and I didn't really know them so I was good getting to talk with them and have a hygge night ("cozy" night but it doesn't translate into English). We had hot fruit pie and tea for dessert and it was very relaxing.

The past week has been amazing but I must say that I do miss the family and I can't wait to eat healthy dinners again! Sad thing is I don't think I'm going to be able to stay up much longer because my eyes are slowly drifting and they won't be home for another two hours because Neil just texted and their plane has been delayed so they won't be home until after midnight. So in the mean time I think I'm going to go to and see what's new on tv lately :)

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